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Friday, February 21, 2014


I have been on a constant search for inner peace and happiness, and like many people I spent a lot of years failing to understand inner peace is a choice. I suppose with constant imbalance and adverse situations I didn't believe that anyone can feel lasting "living" inner peace. There has been a lot of ups and down's in my life, adversities, and all that comes with life... It even crossed my mind a couple of times to join a nunnery or escaping to the himalayas or running away with some peace corp in the mountains to be at peace and shy away from everyday struggles. I always wondered how could I ever find some peace if I'm always going through the drama and the constant feed of negativity from social and all other media, not to mention the negative people around me. The question that always emerged in my mind was how can I achieve inner peace with all the negative emotions and all that's happening around me? That question and the emotional rollercoaster is what urges and fuels me to keep searching and little by little I'm finding peaceful ways to be... I know though, that in eventuality that moment will come when I'm at complete peace inside...and until then the search continues! #Namaste

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  1. For me inner peace has turned out to be something I didn't expect . living an ordinary life.