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Friday, September 10, 2010

WHAT BROKE MY SPIRIT... how easy it is to let someone know in not so many words that they don't fit a mould that society created! It might sound superficial but emotions have a life of its own, to a point that some people never recover...

I was a victim of discrimination a couple of days back & honestly I don't know how I would have ever recovered from it if I didn't ask around to see if I was alone in this, I realised I'm not, there are so many of us who have to endure a painful rejection because of your colour, your race, your religion, your health status, your appearance, how you speak & where you come from.

It was pointed out to me without out many words that, I'm not worthy of their elite club, I cannot be part of something that was (note I said was) going to be beneficial to me & my daughter because I don't fit their criteria.
THIS IS WHO I AM I CANNOT CHANGE IT...I wanted to scream to her. But she would have heard me anyway, it then struck me that there are so many of us that are not heard, we get shoved aside like pieces of trash...dirty, smelly trash! SMH

I sit here & have so much to say but I cannot put in words...I'm too mad, too upset, too emotional & cannot help but imagine so many years into "freedom of everything" there is still so many changes that need to be made.

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