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Monday, February 10, 2014


I am working a corporate nine-to-five job, studying part time, and trying to keep up a busy social life. For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling tired and completely exhausted, not enough time in the day to do it all, always rushing from one thing to another, just being kept busy all the time. I have been thinking to myself that I'm giving myself enough time to rest, you know, head to bed early and sleep a good 7-8 hours, meditate atleast once a day, silence my mind before bed and even went on a retreat to relax... the moment I came back from my "retreat" the cycle started again, and I'm feeling like I'm burning myself out slowly. Feeling this way, I realized that I wanted something different, as I am always on edge and not at all calm and its a huge strain on me. I'm simply not happy! I'm enjoying my job, let's make that clear, learning a great deal and there are great career opportunities however I don't know where my enthusiasm has gone to? I have been confusing enthusiasm with throwing myself into action evey spare moment. I'm studying a PR course as my passion lies in that direction of work, as I'm a creative spirit...even that is questionable...someone said I'm more of a designer and or events person...not corporate! I can't keep doing this...I need to slow things down and make changes! And the hardest part is just that MAKING CHANGES. I've been struggling for months about making certain decision especially when it involves losing security as I have bills to pay. So I throw myself in to the cycle again and little by little I'm losing a piece of me. I need to find a way to do what I love as my happiness and well being depends on it! Until then I will work on making small changes to build up to taking that leap of faith.

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  1. You are facing such a tough challenge, because you need a job and life goes on and bills need to be paid no matter how you feel. And you can't ever act impulsively because you'd be trading one problem (being exhausted ) for another (being broke). I hope you do get to make the small changes. And if you need space to think and money is an issue, come down here. There's a spare bedroom, a desk, plenty of food, and honestly, you can sleep for as long as you like and just sit and think. You don't have to be sociable (I'm not exactly sociable myself, so being a proper guest/hostess would be exhausting:-)